23 June 2009

Random art

Hello, i'm just posting few random art here..i'm using nintendo ds lite to draw this, with homebrew rom called colors!..you can download here =^_^=
--> http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/downloads.php
for those iphone user, you can also download here..but for full software you need to pay again..karit right? don't worry, for nintendo ds user, it's still free \(^o^)/ yay~
i've posted some already in their gallery under name "Nacchichan" . Check it out if you want to ;:-] *kirai2*

sick in the head
testing, my 1st manga drawing on ds screen..really not kind on the eyes x_x ..btw it's read right to left..

my 1st test drawing using ds..meaning my 1st art,lol..i really not familiar with the software that time
tomodachi, in black n white
mio <3 reference from k-on! manga moe moe kyun~

pi~pi~pi~ not yet finished :P got bored half-way
come n look at me~ (98% done, i forgot to edit the sleeves, neck n collarbone area)

ok,that's for now..i'l post some again someday..i got bored,lol
ja mata (>o<)/

17 June 2009


My order finally came. Took about two weeks to arrive and now its here. I took it from the post office at noon. I was suprise at the packing. And more suprised when I opened the package,

The package. I was hoping it was a box. LoL on me ^^

The item wrapped inside the bubble wrapper thing. Not even bigger than my palm. Really suprised me. Poor packing or I was expecting too much.

The four items I ordered. Yay it arrived in one piece ^^

Beware. What I have is the Jigoku Shoujo straw doll (but in my case string doll). Piss me off and I'll see you in hell ^-_-^ mwahahahaha.

The bracelet worn by Enma Ai. The bracelet's bell only rang when Enma Ai sends someone to hell.

Next item is Orihime hair pin which can turns into her a fairies that aids her in battle. Bought especially for my gf Nacchi ^^ hopes she likes it.

Last but not least. Its Haruhi brigade hand band. Bought it for fun. 2 more left to be collected.

09 June 2009

Happy Birthday

By this time most of us should have known who's birthday is it today. If you dont let me tell ya. It's our friendly neighborhood toy supplier...... ERIC. Happy birthday bro.

Well I came to the CH Kiulap this afternoon around 1:15 to suprise our birthday boy.

Lucky for me, the CH staff were willingly to helo me out.
The accomplices Jennalyn and Erma.

The birthday boy (or should it be man?) I really caught him by suprise. Hope you enjoyed the cake bro.

06 June 2009

Katana 101 Part 5

This is another zanpakuto I have in my collection. Sadly its not Ichimaru Gin's Seisho. So this is a new zanpakuto from the anime. Anyway this zanpakuto is all black like Ichigo's.(Perhaps its his but I picked the wrong hand guard). This zanpakuto is really long. Measured at 120cm, longer than my longest Daito.

Again, in bleach no one has the same hand guard not even for its unseat officers.

Even its blade it black all the way. Definitely Zangetsu in Bankai mode

This zanpakuto is way longer than Rukia's Sode No Shirayuki.

Next is my Jigoku Shoujo themed Boken so stay tuned.

02 June 2009

Katana 101 Part 4

Im really happy so I cant wait not to post it. Just bought it this afternoon from my no.1 wooden katana supplier, CH =D.

Now lets see whats inside this box.
Yeah I know, my floor needs some serious vacuuming.

Behold the content. Complete with plastic bag.

Wow...its sooooo white.

The handle.

The knob (its the string tied on the cover)

Now the most important part in Bleach. The hand guard. For all zanpakuto, the hand guard are not the same in awaken mode (after the name being pronounce).

Its totally awesome. I just love it.

This katana is from Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki, in its true form. And its name is...uhh...someone help...

Thank you Rukia for helping me =)

Well thats all for now so stay tune for more...