20 September 2010

Shotgun Nerf

Im back again for another review and this time "Its Nerf or Nothing" (Nerf motto ^^)

I just got this Nerf recently with the help of my friend. Thanks bro :D

Just like my other review I start with the box. Why? Because of the first impression it gives ^^
Just by looking at the box you can tell that this is one awesome Nerf.

The design is more like the double barrel shotgun with an ammo rail.

The first of its kind to be a double barrel blaster.

No wonder its called Barrel Break, you need, not literally, break open the barrel to reload ^^

Now to unveil the barrel break.

As we can see, there's the barrel break, darts and manual provided.

Lets have a bird's eye view on the package.
Look, the ammo rail is hidden from sight in the previous picture.

Now to take out the blaster.

The barrel break is held in inside the box by a nylon string.

A simple knot holding the blaster to the box.

The barrel break length is as wide as the box.

The barrel break uses whistling darts. Same darts used by the Vulcan.

Before we proceed with the blaster review, lets check out the manual.

Another simple manual provided.

A very detail instructions are given on how to operate the blaster.

Next, lets check out the ammo rail.

A very simple design.

The ammo rail is fitted on top of the blaster.

The rail can hold up to 8 darts.

That looks like a really dangerous Nerf blaster.

A simple and quick manual is provided at the left side of the blaster in case of no manual to be found.

To open the barrel, two lock release are provided to open the barrel. On the left side....

And on the right side.

By releasing the lock it allows the barrel to be removed from the body.

Inside the barrel. This is where the darts go in.

The darts are now in the barrel and ready to be lock and loaded.

Now the blaster is locked and loaded.

So do you feel lucky punk? or should I say "Hasta la vista, baby!"

From the pictures the Barrel Break blaster is no bigger than the Recon or Hornet.
Which makes it easier to be handel by any Nerfers.

The Barrel Break can fire single shot or fires both darts simultaneously. Depends on how you pull the trigger.

Surprisingly the Barrel Break has a good accuracy.

I have to say that this blaster is a must have and it makes a great secondary weapon at the same, especially if you use akimbo Barrel Break.

Thats all for today. And sorry for now video on the firing capability of the Barrel Break

03 September 2010

Samurai Chopsticks

Finally I was able to find time to do some blogging.

Today is about my Sengoku Basara chopsticks. Each chopstick is design with certain characters from Sengoku Basara.

Now to the review.

The packaging.

Each box is label with the characters its themed with and their symbols.
The blue box: Masamune Date
The yellow box: Keiji Maeda
The red box: Yukimura Sanada

The chopstick holders even have their symbols.

The chopstick with on the holder.

Its easy to handle and fits perfectly with my hand.

The end of the chopsticks are design with the hilt of the characters' katana.

This is Yukimura Sanada.

This one's belong to Keiji Maeda.

And this is Masamune Date's.

I definitely not gonna use these chopsticks for anything ^^

Well thats all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

16 August 2010

Firefly...Nerf, Not The Bug

I apologize again for the poor quality of the picture.

Today's post is all about Nerf, again.

Another recently bought blaster and I bought this one from Little M toyshop for quite a cheap price. Today's blaster is the Firefly REV-8.

Picture of the box.
It glows in the dark?! Awesome ^^

Now to see what is inside the box.
Another blaster that dosnet require any assembly ^^
And as usual, an instruction manual.

A bit bigger than the previous blaster, the Hornet AS-6.
It looks like more a futuristic weapon.

The firefly uses the micro dart. But these ones looks like albino micro darts.

Its a good habit to read the manual first before doing anything even though it looks very simple.
You might never know what stuff you can learn from it.

Another simple manual sheet.
And a glow in the dark sticker is provided. Now I know why it says it glow in the dark.
It has glow in the dark stickers on the darts.

Time to unleash the beast.

It seems that they prefer to use industrial bundles on one piece blasters.
Again for those below 12, please ask from your older siblings or parent to cut the bundle.

Finally, time to play around with this gun.
As you can see, the trigger is way in front of the blaster, allowing the end to rested on your shoulder for support.

The Firefly uses a revolving mechanism like the Maverick. But it can hold up to 8 darts. 2 more darts than the Maverick.

The Firefly provides 8 dart holder, 4 on each sides. Isn't that just convenient.

Top view of the dart holder.

Another unique feature of the Firefly that there is a switch. Wonder what is it for.

The hatch for the batteries. It requires 2x AA batteries.

The cocking mechanism. The location of the mechanism is almost similar to the Maverick.
Could it be the Maverick is a smaller version of the Firefly?

Just like any Nerf blasters, the Firefly too can use other Nerf blasters accessories.

Now to the darts.
8 micro darts given and a 8 pieces of glow in the dark stickers provided.

Reading the manual, the stickers are to be rolled onto the darts.
The end product. 8 glow in the dark micro darts.

Now lets see how does the darts fit into the holder.
Fits nicely.

From above view.

Now for the darts loaded in the Firefly.
Looks so deadly.

So wonder what was the switch for? Its really hard for me to take the picture of it but I found a video that can sums up my review on the Firefly.

Overall, I think the firefly can be use as a primary weapon for Nerf wars since it has larger ammo capacity than the Maverick and it also provides darts holder.
And also something that just might distract the opponent.

Well thats all for today.
Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did in making this review.
Till next time.